Player Sponsors

Alex Chapleo is sponsored by C&C Cables Ltd
Alex Coleman is sponsored by Bilardi's Bakes
Alex Jeffrey 
Carter Travers is sponsored by Jetchem Systems Ltd
Gary Sudworth
Jack Horrocks is sponsored by Housr Living
Jeff Stanton is sponsored by the HCC Juniors
Joe Hayton is sponsored by Providence Gate Group Holdings Ltd
Joe Sipocz is sponsored by Rossendale Plumbing and Heating
Joe Smith is sponsored by Stephen Barton Financial Services
Jordan Shannon is sponsored by 
Josh Marsden is sponsored by EA Blinds and Shutters
Leon Brennan is sponsored by Paul's Gardening & Building Services
Leighton Friend is sponsored by The Woolpack
Lewis McIntosh is sponsored by Surridge
Lucas Bargh is sponsored by Huco Dynatork
Matthew Griffin is sponsored by Unique Kitchen Design
Matthew Sudworth is sponsored by Lyndale Carpets
Muneeb Ahmed is sponsored by MHS International UK Ltd
Niall Clarke is sponsored by D2 Rail & Civils Ltd
Oliver Cameron is sponsored by Specialist Interior Design
Oliver Lord is sponsored by Protekt Safety Solutions
Oliver Nicholls is sponsored by Hill Eckersley
Sean Hunsley is sponsored by Ryans Accountants
Tom Horrocks is sponsored by Sarah Brown
Tom Richards is sponsored by Richards Simmons Heating