Positive Mental Health and Wellbeing

Club Safeguarding Officers are vital members of the club and key to making an environment safe, welcoming and friendly for everyone to enjoy the game of cricket.
Paul Mercer 07525 132186
Sarah Cameron 07960 653806
We have two Safeguarding officers and our contact details are above for you to contact any of us for help or advice.  We have the support of the ECB County Safeguarding Officer who we can contact for help and advice with any issue arising within the club.

Our role:

  • We promote good practice in safeguarding and protecting children in our club, we work with the coaches, club committee and club members to create a welcoming and child centred environment with a proactive safeguarding culture.
  • We are the first point of contact for all club child and adult safeguarding issues.
  • We help safeguard and protect children by assisting in the promotion and implementation of the Safeguarding Children Policy at the club.
  • We act as a source of advice on current best practice and provide support to the Club Management Committee and the members of the club on safeguarding issues and procedures.
  • We attend Club Management Committee meetings as a member of that Committee and we ensure that safeguarding is a mandatory standing item on the committee agenda.
  • We advise the Management Committee in establishing which roles within the club require the post holder to undertake the ECB vetting process, and ensure such vetting applications are completed.
  • We maintain accurate records and keep all documentation in a secure fashion
  • We ensure matters of a possible child safeguarding nature are reported/referred appropriately to the ECB and/or Statutory Agencies in a timely fashion, and in accordance with ECB procedures Core areas of knowledge. We have adopted the ECB Safeguarding Statement.
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Safeguarding Statement 

& ECB Club Safeguarding Statement

Rehab Recovery Anti-Bullying Policy