Sponsorship Opportunities

Haslingden Cricket Club are looking to attract any new businesses who would like to offer their support and sponsor the cricket club. Sponsorship can be in the following areas:

  1. Board Sponsorship – a banner provided by yourself to a maximum size of 8ft x 4 ft to display your company details / logo which will be situated around the ground. The cost of this is £120 (incl VAT) for the first year which includes the cost of having the banner installed and then £90 (incl VAT) per year for ongoing sponsorship.
  2. Website Sponsorship – the opportunity to advertise your business on the home page our new website, we can operate a link direct to your own website via the advert. The cost of this is £72 (incl VAT) per year.
  3. Match Day Sponsorship – a chance to entertain clients and friends at a match of your choice. You will normally be looked after in the committee room where drinks and food will be readily available, although on certain occasions, an area of the members lounge will be reserved for your use. Prices start at £200 which covers for a party of up to 10 people, including full buffet and bar.
  4. Ball Sponsorship – each 1st XI game requires a brand new ball to be used and the cost of the balls over a season is significant especially when 2nd XI and 3rd XI balls are also brought into account. For a cost of just £30 (incl VAT), we appreciate any business or individual who are able to help us out by sponsoring a first eleven match ball. The name of the ball sponsor will be mentioned several times during a 1st XI game over the loud speaker system. We would also appreciate any business or individual who are able to sponsor a 2nd XI match ball and this can be done at a cost of just £25 (incl VAT). Click here to sponsor a matchball.
  5. Ground Sponsorship – We are delighted to announce that CDM Windows (courtesy of Andrew Hernon) have agreed  an extension to their deal with us and their sponsorship now runs through to 30 November 2024.
  6. Non Turf Artificial Training Facility – the club have recently built & installed (without receiving any grant funding) a new non turf artificial net training facility to improve the standard of cricket at HCC – we are delighted to announce that Unique Kitchen Designs (courtesy of Chris Brannan) have agreed to be the main advertising sponsor of this facility.

If you are interested in any of the sponsorship opportunities listed above then please contact us via email on info@haslingdencricketclub.co.uk.